Privacy Statement

Biotoxin Illness, Inc values and protects all information you provide to us. We do not sell or voluntarily give any of your information to anyone. We utlize 3rd party payment solutions and as such, do not ever have access to your payment information. For the Biotoxin Illness accounts, we use current encryption technologies and protocols to try to ensure that no one will be able to obtain your account information over the internet.

If you decide to become a patient of Dr. Shoemaker and participate in a clinical trial, the Federal Government may be able to obtain your information under certain conditions. If we are working with a pharmaceutical company on drug development, it may be necessary to let them view some of your information, but they will not be allowed to record it. All information used in preparing scientific materials will be associated with a subject identification number, not with your name or other identifying information. The file associating your name with the subject identification number is kept under lock.